Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Coconut Oil is produced from dried coconut meat or copra. The oil resulting from the drying of copra is not yet suitable for human consumption until it is further refined. The reason being that the drying process of copra takes place outdoors under the sun and exposed to various contaminants. The production of our RBD Coconut Oil involves high heating and chemical processes. Only the latest technology is utilized in the production of RBD Coconut Oil. The finished product is clear, slightly yellowish in appearance when stored in room temperature. The taste is bland and free from any objectionable flavors. It is also clear of any “off” odors.

RBD Coconut Oil is widely used in Asian countries for deep frying and as spray oil by food manufacturers of crackers and cookies. One reason for the high demand of RBD Coconut Oil in the world market is that it is generally the most affordable. Aside from being affordable, coconut oil is very consistent in terms of supply, especially in the Philippines where coconut is the chief agricultural crop. For decades now, there has been on going debates whether coconut oil has health benefits or not. The basic argument against coconut oil is that it has high levels of saturated fats and that these saturated fats are bad for the health and contribute to heart diseases. Recent researches contradict this popular belief. In contrast, not all saturated fats are bad for one’s health. In fact, researches show that coconut oil may be beneficial after all. This is due to the fact that coconut oil contain Lauric Acid. Lauric Acid is believed to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.


Hydrolized Oil is produced by treating soapstock, the byproduct in the refining process of RBD Coconut Oil, with sulfuric acid and steam. This is why hydrolyzed oil is also termed Acid Oil. Soapstock is emulsion that is made up of water, approximately 50%, while lipids, phospholipids, and free fatty acids make up the other 50%. Hydrolized Oil has a great demand in the animal feeds industry.